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Sing Me Anything

Sing like you think no one's listening..

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I'm nineteen with a mild temper and an awkward smile. I'm able to purchase lottery tickets and get into trouble with the law. The only things that scare me are the darkness and spiders with the first being remedied by a companion and the latter with a large shoe. I'm moving to Davis at the end of September in order to attend the University of California Davis as a sophomore in order to study Genetics for my Bachelors degree. I spent my high school career working towards an Associates Degree with success in June of this year. This past year has been filled with triumph, depression, yearning, tragedy, and everything in between. The planet lost two beautiful souls way too quickly, as long as many other souls that just didn't deserve to leave us yet. There is no doubt that the people that I've known, I've grown closer to, and the people that I formed a new bond with, I've grown to love. Ohhh, yaay friendship.
I have a penchant for love and all that is beautiful. I have a great love for relationships and cameras and music. They serve as most of my life and I would be lost without my friends, photos, and melodies. I am taken with every intention of hoping that he is the man who I truly click with. Alongside my loves, I am actively pursuing a life of vegetarianism and volunteering. I've been a vegetarian going on five years and have a new appreciation for being healthy. As for volunteering, I have determined to give my life to others in an attempt to make the world a better place. For my eighteenth birthday, I prepared burritos with my sister and best friend to give to those who do not have a home. Although I want to pursue a medical career, there is nothing stopping me from helping those who could use a small hand. After all, I can't change the world by myself, but I can be the little pebble in the pond that starts the ripples.